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Locate your lost things using numerology

This method is from the book called the "kabala" written by Walter Gorn Old, known as Sepharial in his time.
Although I am not sure its a kabala method because he mentioned an old Brahmin from India taught this method. Apparently he found his then fiance lost necklace using what Brahmin.
I haven't much time test it so I leave up to you.

Step 1
Write down 9 numbers you may repeat same number many times a you like in make line of 9 numbers.
Step 2
Add all the numbers together
Step 3
Now add 3 to the total.
Eg. 985627142= 44+3= 47
As a added tool break up the number eg. 47 , read 4 and 7 , read 47 . Also read 11 and 2 because 4+7= 11= 2. Some don't like break 11 down because its a master number.
1 it is in the your bedroom or the room you spend most of your time. Near something white also question a child if he/she was around , use your discretion here.
2 House maid might have left near a vase or bowl (container) while cleaning.
3 It has fallen in the passage or between papers or a book etc.
4 check your pockets or articles you carried last or wore last .
5 its near a hat or helmet.
6 its in the shoe closet or near a rack or stand. Also check the shelves you handled last.
7 check the wardrobe and question your spouse or maid.
8 A workman or butler knows where it is , possibility on edge of a ledge of something.
9 A child was playing with.
10 check your study or office.
11 its near water check the pool, bathroom or water dispenser if at work.
12 also in the office or inside a book or some papers.
13 look where hung your coat last like behind or under chair or desk.
14 it may haven in the drain or bathroom recovery is doubtful, rare but sometimes near a persons head gear like hats, helmets.
15 check your garage, if you own horses check your stables as well. Failing there ask your spouse.
16. If you have a cook ask her or spouse, it is possible an argument occurred earlier with these people over your negligence and later found the object that you lost and waiting
To give you a peace of their mind.
17 if you have artwork or paint check there , check jewellery box.
18 its in house among some clothes if went on trip check suitcase.
19 in child's sand box or park. Mostly a dry area with no vegetation, if you went to beach recently ....good luck
20 its near water , also swimming area and the pool change room.
21. Its in a sqaure or rectangular shaped artice that folds in two parts, like some old Jewellery boxes.
22 its in the house near shelf , like book shelves.
23. Its in the laundry room.
24 check your pockets again or briefcase thoroughly.
25 near something white and round, if you are Louis Armstrong I doubt going back to the moon is possible. A large serving platter perhaps.
27. The taxi man or your chauffeur should be questioned, if you have a chauffeur by another one send the item you lost as reward.
28 dead loss...accept the loss of item , true acceptance sees it being replaced by 28 because it aint too late.
29 an old trusted sub-subservient person like old cleaner at work who respects you and whom you found endearing.
30 some kids were playing ......a lecturer once found that his students found his gold wrist band kept for him at next class session where they returned it.
31 near a drain or area where if you not careful its gone for good or in a dark corner of a closet.
32 its on a balcony or verandas between the post is suspect and about to fall
33 pockets again something you just wore
34 near a heater or fireplace
35 washing stand, near water fountain in an hidden area but always near some water.
36 ask the nanny
37 in a shrine room, or temple or church must have fallen there
38 if you a place where you go to meditate, prey or unwind. If a teenager that place where you drinking or making out.
39 its on table or shelf where busy last.
40 it might be a small item , check inside your handkerchief or kept near linen you were with last or just bought.
41 near your spouse's shoe.
42 ask the cook again
43 garage or stables again.
44 its fallen in something oily like a lamp or oil while working on the car.
45 on a shelf higher than you see, making it just out off sight
46 your girlfriend etc has it.
47 two people whom you have bad relations with have it, or two servants , question them the one who is UN-easy on his feet will talk
48 near a glass of water
49 its lost and badly damaged
50 inside something that opens in two parts
51 in the place of ablution to you
52 your wife or partner has lent to her relative
53 a friend has found it and will return it
54. Try the children's playroom
55 its near a pipe or drain around the premises
56. Check where you parked the car or where you where last
57. If you fish its near your fishing back or saddle bag. Hip pocket.
58 two rogues have schemed and taken it ...
59. Near the bread tin or where the flour is kept
60 its beyond recovery, whoever has found either doesn't know you or refuses to return it.
61 in the basement or shed near shoes or a hose
62 lost
63 its in a dark place in the corner near old articles
64 this article will turn up when you are searching for something else in the near future
65 unlikely recovery but assistance is required like in the case of a stolen car.
66 the man with a disabled or maimed hand knows who has it.
67 ask a child to help you , one that knows your routine
68 its in the attic or on top of the house, where you painting the roof
69. Near the entrance of the house of a relative you just visited.
70 near water, like a shower area in the gym etc...
71. Quickly trace your last steps
72. Near water again or washing area
73 ask around , like co-workers , kids in that area you suspect you lost it
74 a friend or old servant has kept away safely.
75 two instigators have it
76 its in the kitchen
77 a neighbor has found it
78 its fell in a car park and found by another, check the car guard
79 its near steel or iron, use discretion here
80 old jewelry box or briefcase or old shoe box
81 check your backpack or clothing drawers
82 check the kitchen  area
83 a young girl has it , who was using your pool
84 inside the house in a square fitment that open in two parts
Numbers end here because 9 squared +3= 84 completes all resolutions.
This is taken from old book when transport where horse and cart for most part. Some imagination with current times is required, as substituting stables for garages etc...

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